1. Cock Dr

    That’s cocaine that you see flying around in the air.
    Charlie provided the distraction while his sobriety coach threw the 80 kilos out the turret window.

  2. Ed

    I’ve seen cops fired for less . . .

  3. Josephus

    Apparently this photo was taken in the blast radius of one of Charlie’s seven-gram rocks.

  4. zomgbie

    hope you rot in hell for letting your kids dog die of malnutrition.
    and your tickets arent selling douche bag.
    guess you’ll have to sell more of those “winning” t-shirts.
    and your poetry tapes are lmao bad.
    -like shatner singing rocket man lmao bad.

  5. The Critical Crassness

    Yeah…”Winning = the new “Losing”, Charlie! Then there are two of L.A.’s Finest who are “Winning”, too. Wonder if Charlie, promised to buy them each a Bentley for posing with him.

  6. Then he grabbed one of their gun and started spinning it on his finger. “Look at me, I’m a cowboy!”

    They all had a great laugh over that one.

  7. Turd Ferguson

    The first 72 hours of his public breakdown were fucking HILARIOUS.

    Every moment since then, not so much.

  8. Arzach

    McLovin !

  9. nikkol

    Is it snowing? Oh, that must be cocaine on the lens.

  10. Has Chazz got an endorsement deal with the Hot Cops now?

  11. Deuce

    Looks like two more strippers are moving in.

  12. It was pretty easy to catch Charlie Sheen. “Yes Charlie, that is a kilo of coke in the back of the squad car.”

  13. Katie

    I love photographic oxy-morons

  14. KayKay

    “Now which one of you are going to strip search me? Hint…I have something in my ASS!”

  15. “Seriously though guys…I need a job. Does the department drug test?”

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