1. EricLr

    No, I’m pretty sure that’s from the presentation of the last Adams Family movie.

  2. When did she turn into the lady that pushes the shopping cart around town?

  3. DeucePickle

    So, yeah, I’m in this one a lot, it’s not very good, but damn, you hand the guy a bowl of shellfish and he’ll give you all the screen time and semen you can handle.

  4. fuckface

    “All you peons out there in TV land…..REPENT!”

  5. “I keep telling people, no I’m NOT the octomom!”

  6. Johnny P!

    She was so hot! When did she turn into Framkenstein?

  7. This is one situation where I might advocate the use of a little spray tan.

  8. DemiGod

    Her Adams Apple is bigger than mine, and I’m a dude who fucks chicks – like your wife, yes you you dickhead, yes you reading this.

  9. Adam

    This might be a silly question, but why is she still promoting a film that was released six years ago?

  10. “I’m ready to play Bocce but I brought my own ball”

  11. “Four plus one is…wait a sec…the answer would be ummmm…I’m pretty sure it’s…”

  12. samspu

    An unfortunate photo/angle. Famke is a goddess. She is just too skinny! She would look a million times better with a bit of meat

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