1. Faa

    I must plank you.

  2. EricLr

    If you pan down, you can see the “Will say lines from Rocky IV for food” sign.

  3. So, he yellowed with age?

  4. Hey, do you guys remember me in Rocky IV?

  5. Buddy the Elf

    Someone needs to flour-bomb Crazy Ivan here to bring his complexion back from Loompaland.

  6. egg solo

    Holy shit, it’s Captain Sunshine!

  7. Biff

    Give him a break….it’s a shitty overexposed shot with way to much flash goin on.

  8. “We are in town to promote a new line of ashtrays made in my image.”

  9. mbcl

    Meet the star of the next Jaws movie.

  10. Oz Matters

    Still the world’s most credible chemical engineer.

  11. Minaj


  12. Kathleen Turner with a haircut.

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