1. Hank E. Ring

    Glad to see Chaz Bono lost 10lbs.

  2. Glad to see he’s on his way back to his chubby funny self….

  3. He has a skinny twin brother you know.

  4. vile

    Skinny arms and legs

  5. EricLr

    Poor bastard doesn’t even realize he’s talking to a beer bottle.

  6. First he’s fat. Then he’s thin. Then he’s fat. Now all of his body parts are just going “Fuck you” and individually doing whatever the hell they want.

  7. Deacon Jones

    “Yeah bro. I’m definitely on for another Superbad. In fact, I’ve been gaining weight on purpose just for the sequel. nah, nah, nah, those are all bullshit rumors….”burst my stomach band”, whatevs!”

  8. Bonky

    “Nah, I gave up on the diet. I wasn’t getting any pussy anyway, heck, everyone was saying I looked like a pussy.”

  9. Insta Graham

    Hello Mayor McCheese? Bring them all.

  10. Johnny P!

    Does this novelty “big bottle phone” make me look thinner?

  11. I’m surprised his arm reaches that far.

  12. Buddy the Elf

    Oh – so in other words he’s funny again?

  13. The Brown Streak

    ….and there goes my erection…thanks Photo Boy!

  14. tlmck

    Nah. That’s Rosie O’Donnell. You can tell by the hairy legs.

  15. Swearin

    “Yeah, it’s me. Look, I’m not gonna make it in for our session, I’m giving up on my diet, too. Just bought a cream soda and I’m on my way to In & Out Burger”

  16. Jonah Hill wears eighty-five dollar shirts that look just as shitty as fifteen dollar shirts.

  17. mbcl

    “They said white men can’t jump and I showed them that they were right”

  18. pretty scary

    cheeseburger-5741, lap-band® -0

  19. The Blue Pill

    If Nolan ever makes a fourth Batman we have our Penguin!

  20. Ordering pizza while walking to KFC. I like your style.

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