1. B&WMinstrel

    He’s all the bits John Travolta didn’t draw on with the sharpie

  2. Hey, it’s Sloth’s twin brother.

  3. all that time spent on bad facial hair decisions…no time for crest white strips.

  4. Icehawg

    I’m not 100% sure what a “Jackson Galaxy is”, but I hope my kids don’t catch it.

  5. DeucePickle

    He’s a pussy wizard !

  6. tlmck

    I give up. What is it?

  7. Someone better tell The Humane Society, that there were several animals harmed in the making of that facial hair.

  8. meeps!


  9. contusion

    Jackson Galaxy (not his real name), etc. etc.

  10. Why do I get the feeling he starts out every morning with a perfectly smooth face, a box of metal shavings and a magnet?

  11. Chriss Angel needs to pick one douche style and stick with it.

  12. I love the snark from the site, trust me I do, but this here is a GOOD guy. He really loves animals and so do i

  13. “Cat’s don’t care about white teeth. They don’t.”
    We do Sir and you’re skeeving us all out. Please NEVER smile with an open mouth EVER again.

  14. Vlad

    Marie may have lost some weight, but Donny has lost his mind.

  15. Not to be confused with “jacks off gladly”.

  16. Andie

    Why do men do this? Who finds this attractive? Seriously?

  17. The humane thing to do would be to shoot this douche and put the rest of us out of our misery.

  18. I’m astounded that he is running loose at an event for the Humane Society. Someone needs to herd him back into his kennel and lock the damn door this time!

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