1. JennywithaY

    This gives me a great idea for a Redneck Feeder. Like a hummingbird feeder – only grotesque.

  2. The only surprising thing about this photo is that there’s still some left of whatever that is in her hand.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Good news Amanda Bynes… we’ve finally found someone who we’d choose you over.

  4. Is that a Diet Dew?

  5. Just a small snack, waiting in line at the Golden Corral.

  6. The perfect poster child for fast food.

  7. Considering what happened to Mama Cass, this country needs to engage in a serious discussion about ham control.

  8. anonymous

    Still not as big as Kim K

  9. contusion

    I just threw my Mountain Dew in the trash.

  10. JC

    Fun fact: That’s actually a 64-oz bottle. Take that, Mayor Bloomberg!

  11. ThisWillHurt

    Who says Mountain Dew is for white trash?

  12. I’m waiting for it to start throwing tires on out-of-control cars.

  13. No Wonder Nicole Eggert has been off the map for so long.

  14. Mountain Dew… now with more butter.

  15. Toe Jam

    Slim bottle is slimming.

  16. She was amazing in Bridesmaids.

  17. Suddenly Bloomberg’s proposal does not seem so preposterous, does it?

  18. didn’t I read she recently lost 100 lbs.? what.the.fuck. she didn’t do it with Dew. guess she’s feelin a might light.

  19. Eww

    This pig actually makes me sick to my stomach.

  20. From the thumbnail, I thought, ‘at least she’s out being active.’ Now that I see the full-size photo, ummmm, at least she’s not drinking a two-liter?

  21. Next child she’s gonna name it Honey Dew. Just kidding that’s healthy.

  22. She eats to forget, but she forgot what she was eating to forget so she just eats.

  23. serratia

    i’m shocked that noone has noticed that those boxes in the background are for girl scout cookies

  24. RedNeck RedBull

  25. primitivefix06

    Does anyone else immediately think of Slimer from Ghost Busters when they see her?

  26. Andie

    That’s just gross.

  27. cc

    I am not a proponent of censorship, but I am a proponent of self censorship, i.e., the people who created this show have sat down and thought maybe this execrable woman and her idiot child really aren’t worthy of a tv show, or anything other than obscurity for that matter?

  28. Hank E. Ring

    Can’t stop humming “Summer of 69″.

  29. Ha Ha Ha! Look! A fat lady eating something and drinking a soda! Ha Ha Ha!!!! Let’s all point and laugh at the fat lady!!!!

    *I am all in favor of senselessly mocking the less fortunate for amusement, but c’mon now, we can set the bar a little higher than this, can’t we?

  30. I think the bruising adds a nice, dainty touch.

  31. mulva728

    That’s her dessert stacked up next to her.

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