1. Inner Retard

    Jennifer, whatever you do, DO NOT get in that rusty old van with that man!

  2. “Can I give you and your baby a ride in my rape van…uh, my van?”

  3. The Pope

    “You know, if you did this at home once in awhile you wouldn’t be pregnant all the damn time.”

  4. “Trust me honey. I’m an Award Winning Director. You need to lift with your legs. I’d help, but…I’m an Award Winning Director.”

  5. ash

    tag on the stroller?

  6. He’s been trying to convince her to try anal for years now. She’s just torturing him, dangling it in front of him.

  7. Hold still honey, I’m going to attempt a reverse Argofuckyourself.

  8. contusion

    Most of you must not have kids. You see Jennifer Garner bent over with her ass in the air and get excited. Ben sees his wife folding up the stroller and about to pack the diaper bag so they can go back home and sit on the couch exhausted after a long day of dealing with the fucking kids.

  9. Gin&Tonic

    well, that’s ONE way to keep ‘em from getting pregnant

  10. How sweet of those Bang Bus guys to look after her kid while she tidies up!

  11. meeps!

    While you’re down there…

  12. He’s about to slip in and out of her Iran.

  13. Yuz a big fine woman, now back dat thang up! Girl who is you plain wif…back dat thang up!

  14. When your heel hangs off the back of your sandal, it’s time to go up a size. geez.

  15. cko

    Well, now we know how boring it would be if they had a sex tape. I can die now.

  16. “Uh Jen…You’re suppose to take the baby out before you fold up the stroller.”

  17. “Don’t worry mam, I’m a doctor”

  18. “C’mon, Jen, you don’t need to dig that out of the trash. I’ll buy you a new one.”

  19. little turtle head

    “Ben Stop! Thats how we got this thing in the first place!”

  20. Alexxx3488

    “Honey don’t move! This is the perfect place to put my Argo trophies.”
    ‘You mean like Best Director?’

  21. Skeeter

    I bet Jen’s asshole is insanely tight.

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