1. JennywithaY

    He looks like a junkie leaving the plasma bank.

  2. right about now a paparazzi is really regretting saying “chapstick my ass!”

  3. It’s a creepy jumble of male/female/cartoon body parts and accessories.

  4. I thought Danny Bonaduce died

  5. contusion

    The only good thing about this photo is the lady’s sunglasses that are covering up those weird chinese eyes.

  6. “So I asked the doc to tell me the bad news, I says, ‘So, how long do I have?’ She looks me dead in the eyes and says…”

    “About nine and a half weeks.”

  7. Lou Braccant

    James Caan is still one tough looking sonofabitch!

  8. Call me crazy, but is he looking better?

  9. did he get new hair? No putrid head coverings. He got new hair.

  10. He cleans up well, doesn’t he?

  11. chicka

    he looked better in Sin City…

  12. Happy Festivus, Mr. Costanza!

  13. Guess he didn’t get the memo about “No Cleavage” dress code.

  14. This s all very confusing: women’s glasses, man-boobs, deep V-neck, Heat-Miser hair . . . this is not the same guy from 9 1/2 weeks!

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