1. Next day Hell’s demon free clinic:

    “Abaddon, you have hepatitis…”

  2. Jentilly

    Yikes that devil is about to bite that drag queen!

  3. B&WMinstrel

    Between the devil and the Hep C

  4. Pam is very familiar with horny devils.

  5. Could this be husband # 3?

  6. Cock Dr

    In Vegas you have to be prepared for just about anything.

  7. ThisWillHurt

    “I can grant you no more extensions on your fifteen minutes of fame, Ms. Anderson. Hugh Hefner and reality TV can’t save you now.”

  8. contusion

    This is the guy she obviously made the deal with a number of years ago, back to collect his debt.

  9. Pam is the one on the right?

  10. That sudden realisation that every decision you’ve ever made had led to that one moment in time. And that you still owed thousands in back taxes.

  11. is she pregnant? oh wait , no, she’s 60 right?

  12. M

    Figure 1 demonstrates the wtf/where-am-I look that accompanies the precise moment when the affected’s prescription drug haze lifts (Am J Drug Dependency, 25 Mar 2013)

  13. KC

    It’s the embodiment of all evil! And some dude dressed up like a gay devil.

  14. “…anyway, long story short, don’t go down to Georgia!”

  15. Alexxx3488

    It’s like I’m seeing double…which one is Pamela?

  16. Lupe

    She looks like that time I accidentally left Barbie face down on the radiator for a few hours.

  17. One’s horny for anything with a dick, and the other one is kind of pretty. You figure it out.

  18. Oh look, it’s two circus performers.

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