1. It’s his reaction to the previous picture.

  2. tlmck

    Was just told that due to the current state of the global economy, he will now be referred to as 10 Cent.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “What do you mean you’re supposed to ‘pluralize 50 Cent.’ What the fuck is ‘pluralize?’ Did you make that shit up?”

  4. Joe

    50 Cent: Damnit, you’re so gay you turned my shadow pink, nucka!

  5. someone asked him about the time he banged Chelsea Handler.

  6. So, 50 is a replicant?

  7. Kanye just invited him to bear witness to Kim live birth.

  8. “I can smell your …. it isn’t good! Not good! Go away..not good! “

  9. “Sorry 50. It’s not your birthday and we are not going to the candy shop.”

  10. “You want me to do what, to your what?”

  11. Andie

    Look at his eyes! He looks like a zombie in this picture!

  12. bigalkie

    Ungowa Nakeema

  13. No I wasn’t in Planet of the Apes, you racist bastard.

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