1. B&WMinstrel

    “You’re married to who?”

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    You can only avoid looking at your wife during daylight for so long.

    BTW, I would NOT recommend looking at her in the direct vicinity of a balcony.

  3. Matty

    Laser eye surgery?

  4. “We’ve got a few hours open this afternoon Antonio – wanna try out that new experimental plastic surgery college? You can get free facial work from the students!”

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “If you divorced me, Antonio, I’d throw myself off this balcony right now.”
    “Wow! I was gonna push you, but . . .”

  6. tlmck

    “Please Melanie, let me do the honorable thing and jump off this 50 story balcony.”

  7. contusion

    “Good night Gracie.”

  8. I wonder if Melanie Griffith is jealous of her man hanging out w/ Pam Anderson?

  9. “How much plastic surgery have you had since this morning?!?”

  10. “Don’t just stand there you creepy bitch! Can’t you see I’m having a heart attack?”

  11. Slackoic

    It’s MALAGA, not Magala…check out a map sometimes

  12. “Yeah, it does make you look like a cat.”

  13. Andie

    He’s still hot. She’s messed her face up beyond repair. He must really love her as a person.

  14. Pine Table Fever

    Even Jane Fonda thinks she looks old.

  15. What a sweet husband. Making that face so she won’t feel so self conscious about her frozen cheeks and her eyes that won’t close.

  16. “To tell you the truth, Melanie, I’ve known all along that you’re actually 30 years older than me.”

  17. I want to say that she looks like she’s about to eat his brains, except I already know that’s how she got him to marry her in the first place.

  18. I think her lower jaw is removable.

  19. My only question is, what stone did he finally turn into in the rest of this image set? Granite? Marble?

  20. justsometranny

    She reminds me of somebody. Maybe Mia Farrow… definitely someone old, anyway.

  21. Pizzicat

    Sorry but… “M├ílaga”. Ahem.

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