1. Inner Retard

    - It’s about this long.
    - I can take it to about this high.

  2. tlmck

    “Mom, guess what? I’m back with Wlad the Impaler.”

  3. “If I lie on my back and you stand over me, my dick can reach up to your chin.”

    “Yeah, I love that.”

  4. She is wearing 25″ heels.

  5. “And then I smack your ass lie this.”
    “Ok, but then I have to cover my face like this, because I just did my hair”.

  6. she must be standing on 2 chairs?

  7. “Tiny prostitute! I bang! five dollars?”

  8. Little Known Fact: Klitschko’s junk is actually tiny and shrivelled

  9. Well, shit! There goes his boxing career.

  10. I can’t help it, this guy is a favourite of mine. Smart, tall, accented .. and able to deal with completely moronic interviewers. I can’t blame the little midget.

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