1. WOW!

    Just WOW!

    I cant believe she wore that necklace with that headband!

  2. tlmck

    “Pip pip and cheerio lads” which I believe is the new code for “yes I am light in the loafers”.

  3. “Take THAT Martin Short. I AM the new Ed Grimley”

  4. “Mommy, I know you’ve probably done everything possible to get rid of it, but I’m still getting a whiff of David Spade.”

  5. He just saw Alice Eve in her underwear.

  6. “We can use my uncle’s barn! And Buckwheat can sell tickets, and Darla can make the costumes!”

  7. “That’s it love! Grab that penis and shake it like a baby rattle!”

  8. Andie

    I love this guy.

  9. “I do like vagina! I do! I do! I do!”

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