1. Make that stupid haircut disappear along with the rest of you.

  2. Chalk one up for another douche bag that won’t disappear.

  3. Dick Thunder

    My mind would freak if some of these A holes learned to tie their own shoes.

  4. This dick gets to go to Aureole? Like he’d even appreciate Charlie Palmers’ cooking.

  5. “There’s magic in the air…”

  6. buzz

    Anyone actually ever see him do his magic act live? Where he couldn’t plant “random observers” or manipulate/edit camera footage?

  7. I wear women's shoes

    You know Fall Out Boy’s new album isn’t too bad. That divorce from Ashley Simpson must have given him some new material.

  8. Spleen

    Fuckball 5000

  9. I thought he had “disappeared” himself and never found his way back. I guess one can always dream.

  10. tito

    i’m surprised the red hot chili peppers are still making albums.

  11. Zoolander 2: Please Don’t Laugh at Me

  12. thecrazybetty

    sharon osbourne is looking a little younger…

  13. Jackie

    Am I seriously the only one who sees the David Cross thing?

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