1. Do you think he knew that he’d end up bald and started the whole ‘do-rag thing 30 years ago as prep?

  2. The first fifty callers will receive not one, but two “Brett Michaels Do-pées®” for the low price of $9.95.

  3. buzz

    So is the wig directly attached to the bandana so he could easily slip that whole setup on and off like a cap?

  4. Ruckus


  5. “I said you dropped your hearing aid!”

  6. and now they all have HPV

  7. jack

    “I said WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?”

  8. Watch it, there, Bret, if he gets a hold of the black one, I think that means you’re going to have to fuck him!

  9. “Don’t touch the hair!”

  10. His audience transition from young, hot teens to phone-laden 50 year old men was a gradual, but thorough one.

  11. cocoa

    “I’m sorry I can’t hear you through my bandana wig!”

  12. tito

    brett: “i still can’t hear you. did you say ‘hey asshole nice tats’?”
    guy: “no i said hey axl where’s slash”

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