1. Brb, bukkake shoot.

  2. Fuck you Terry Richardson.

  3. P. Kerr

    At least she won’t poke her own eyes out.

  4. Swearin

    I find it more than a little frightening she moonlights as a dental hygienist.

  5. dick thunder

    Too hard.

    She’s trying it.

  6. Right before the golden shower rehearsals

  7. it’s got to be fucking exhausting to be her

  8. Gordon GEICO

    Is this the human equivalent of those cones they put on dogs after they’ve been fixed?

  9. JungleRed

    If only it were opaque.

  10. Spleen

    That’s a good look for her.

  11. Heading to the pie-eating contest.

  12. tito

    a paper bag would be both cheaper and more effective.

  13. Do I astound them or myself more?

  14. Seriously?!


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