1. Damn, looks like Serena has more his-mones than her-mones . . .

  2. ^^^^ wrong picture . . . where is that damn delete button

  3. “Oi, you cunt lookin’ at me bird’s nipples? Scram befaw I crush your stones mate…”

  4. She was a blonde haired beauty with big dark eyes
    And points all her own sitting way up high
    Way up firm and high

  5. I thought they broke up.

  6. Somebody has to pick up the permafrost nipples title now that Jennifer Aniston isn’t around as much.

  7. creemygoodness

    Those nipples could beat him within an inch of his life.

  8. Gordon GEICO

    What car does Statham drive when he’s sporting the Transporter Casual look? An Audi TT?

  9. George Costanza can pull some serious trim!

  10. She’s looking cranked and he cranky.

  11. I find it odd how she can look so pretty sometimes, because she has a very bizarre face. I can’t imagine her without hair.

  12. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    He HAS to know she called the paps.

    He CAN”T be that clueless.

    Can HE?

  13. …just seconds before a pap was flip-flop whipped within an inch of his life.

  14. I feel so bad for this couple…having to trudge around Malibu all day long…

  15. vince neil

    every time I see a picture of this dude he is always carrying a bag of groceries. and she looks like sebastian bach from skid row.

  16. tom

    Douche no.1 and douche no.2 are out for a walk.

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