1. Damn, looks like Serena has more his-mones than her-mones . . .

  2. brick

    Yikes! Where’s another shot of Jessica Simpson’s calves when you need it?

  3. Hugh G. Rection

    I didn’t realize Barry Bonds had such nice breasts.

  4. HooooWWWLllllllLLL!!!!

  5. serenasmom

    Time to get the pit bleach in bulk.

  6. The Sea of Tranquility has less cratering.

  7. I’m so confused…I don’t see a package where one should be.

  8. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Hulk SMASH!

  9. Natty Ice

    This chick scares me.

  10. thecrazybetty

    dang. that armpit stain is enough to make a person run for their life.

  11. Guso

    Is this Mario Tennis ? She looks like Donkey Kong

  12. CallingOutInsecureMales

    The pic may be unflattering, but she’s one hot woman and world class athlete. I love this strong beautiful woman!
    BTW, how many of you are hot world class athletes?

    yea. thought so.

  13. Is she wearing a belly chain?!?

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