1. The ever faithful Ben Affleck could not be bothered by such close proximity to hot steaming pussy…

  2. Hang on, my dad just sent me another post op pic of his vagina.

  3. Brody checks the web and sees he is still irrelevant.

  4. “How’s your dad?”
    “She’s fine.”

  5. j/k

    This is what happens when your step-mom and sisters are the biggest whores on TV.

  6. Is that Brooke Hogan’s butt?

  7. Brody Jenner has a nice ass for a plumper. Maybe you could get her to turn around and show us her tits.

  8. “I just got this text from…. a friend. Can you spare some extra estrogen?”

  9. Little Tongue

    Who’s that, next to him? Bruce?

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