1. I can’t stop laughing . . . .

  2. Beardo

    Pauly Shore look alike or just a hipster douchebag? We’ll never know

  3. Mitch

    Is it halloween already?

  4. Trying too hard.

  5. “Were here to give Lori Pretty a ride back to her home under the overpass.”

  6. Still not as annoying as Shia.

  7. Prom in the 80′s.

  8. I’ll take “Things You just Want to Pound and Pound with a Shovel” for 600, Alex.

  9. omg right now helena bonham carter and johnny depp are naked and tied up in an alley somewhere.

  10. Should I assume that these two will also get an invite to Fish’s next birthday bash?

  11. Jentilly

    Funny thing is, he didn’t know this was a costume party…

  12. Who? And who?

  13. These are some sort of life-sized marionettes or something, right?

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