1. If you look closely, you will notice a small hole begin to form in the self-absorbed continuum…

  2. ultra

    as i suspected. no reflection.


  3. I doubt that child is North. Why would Kim and Kanye be bothered with taking care of their own child?

  4. Bonky

    Floor to ceiling mirrors all around the nursery. Step one
    in raising your child to be a narcissist.

  5. buzz

    Poor kid is looking more and more like her dad.

  6. So Anna Wintour finally caved and allowed Kim to be in Vogue. Scratch one more thing of the list things she needed Kanye for.

    1) Make a baby for him guaranteeing a paycheck for the next 18 years.

    2) Ride his coattails onto the cover of Vogue magazine (a lifelong dream of hers.

    He’s quickly outliving his usefulness to her.

  7. Brit

    She: checking Twitter to see if she’s trending
    He: checking “The Crap We Missed”

  8. I almost feel bad for already hating that baby. Almost.

  9. Swearin

    Did they hire Liberace’s interior designer? Jeez.

  10. Is he looking at a picture of Riccardo?

  11. that critter is already developing a fierce monobrow.

  12. Little Tongue

    Who’s that on his screen? His lover?

  13. Odbarc

    The is the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen.

  14. Dave

    They’re already staring to groom the child to play for the camera.

  15. North definitely has Kim’s legs.

  16. Robb7

    It would be poetic justice if Anna was ousted after putting Booty & the Beast on the cover.

  17. This is just sick…conditioning the baby already to prefer big black dick like both parents do.

  18. piper

    “My nursery requirements? Um, at least two cages so it can go somewhere while Maria cleans the other one. Stimuli? The fuck is that? Oh. Throw some mirrors on the wall so it can practice laying on its back with its legs up. Wait, there has to be a door? Give me two, I guess. I love my baby that much.”

  19. Back pain

    I thought cain would be checking out some gay porn on his nook color

  20. “Please God, let the White Walkers be real,” thinks the baby.

  21. jack

    Kanye: “Damn look at that dick”
    Kim: “Damn look at that dick”
    North: “Damn look at these two dicks”

  22. “Who’s the Daddy?” Yup, there’s an app for that.

  23. I wear women's shoes

    Kim made the right decision in having North, she makes a much better accessory than a Birkin, probably cheaper too.

  24. Minky Wail

    That baby definitely has her mother’s thighs.

  25. Nicely done, PB.

  26. That is one ugly baby.

    Though to be fair, all babies are ugly. This one is just higher on the totem pole.

  27. Isn’t technology amazing? “Cry-Baby” West is pointing that camera directly at Kim and North, and electronically the camera displays a picture of Scott Disick. How do they do that?

  28. Freebie

    What a boring baby’s room. There is no color or interesting objects to look at. A baby needs stimulation. I feel very sorry for that child. Money doesn’t equate love.

  29. Natty Ice

    “OK, Nori. One more picture. Mommy’s going to do her ‘January Jones’ face now…”

  30. 2 Whores, 1 No-cup.

  31. Can ya sell some of your ring for the kids in our country who dont have dinner at home waiting, no backpacks, unsafe household, below grade level grades……really, that ring isn’t all that necessary. Come to my classroom and see what the heck is really going on!

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