1. Is the the movie poster for the remake of “Mask” with Cher?

  2. Colin

    James Carville with collagen and a weave?

  3. duder

    Joan Rivers looks into her future…

  4. Cock Dr

    That is very sad & disturbing.

  5. Looks like somebody stopped at a Halloween mask clearance sale on the way to dinner….

  6. kimmykimkim

    Looks ok for being the first full facial transplant for a burn victim.

  7. Jill_Ess

    Jenna Jamison! You get me!

  8. Jill_Ess

    Does your face hurt? It’s killin’ me! Rimshot!

  9. On the bright side, at least Ke$ha put a dress on.

  10. Double D

    Renee Zelwegger two days after a date with Chris Brown.

  11. Dezzie Does Dallas

    I don’t know if she had surgery or if shes dating Chris Brown

  12. i would suck on Joan Rivers asshole just to get this image out of my head…

  13. Fletch


  14. Jenny B

    seriously, wtf is that?

  15. Sarah

    Holy shit.

  16. the things Fish does to make Snooki look hot.

  17. Deacon Jones

    “Whatever you do, don’t get the lemon martini, it’s fucking sour.”

  18. Oooooh, your skin is so smooth.

  19. Tyler

    Wow. Did Heidi Montage have some more work done?

    • The Critical Crassness

      No, her original work just reached it’s expiration date!
      This is what happens when you go to “Plastic Surgeons R US!” for your surgeries.

  20. Next on Showtime Pay Per View: Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods fight to the death for their next mistress.

  21. ctimber

    It puts the turtle wax on its face

  22. Josephus

    “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the cast of the new Broadway hit, ‘Avatar!’”

  23. Storm

    Thundercats, hooooooooooo!!!

  24. Daemon8666

    Someone needs to tell her that they can do complete facial transplants now/. Or is this the after shot?

  25. ick-abod

    I always wondered what happened to that guy ever since they cancelled the “Beauty and the Beast” tv show.

  26. Beatnik

    Well at least Ke$ha has stopped wearing a bikini.

  27. Atomicbeddy

    Do you think she prefers the grilled or the new “gravy lover’s” Fancy Feast?

  28. The biggest injustice in this picture is cropping out the guy taking her out.

  29. SuperT

    I think she OD’ed on tiger blood.

  30. Tortilla Chip Salad

    Nick Nolte looks pretty good with his hair grown out.

  31. Any Guy

    her ears are touching in the back of hear head. no doubt.

  32. dontlooknow

    Jocelyn Wildebeest is alive!

  33. dontlooknow

    When you look up “crazy cat lady” in the dictionary, here’s the photo.

  34. KayKay

    She vowed to never go to China….for fear of being eaten….

  35. Arzach

    Is there a Kabuki theater in NY?

  36. Tale as old as time
    True as it can be
    Barely even friends
    Then somebody bends
    Just a little change
    Small to say the least
    Both a little scared
    Neither one prepared
    Beauty and the Beast

  37. Bruce Vilanch has lost some weight.

  38. friendlyfires

    The Mouth of Sauron without the Mask.

  39. Meep

    Heidi Montag + Airport Scanner = This

  40. She had the surgery decades ago in order to resemble a jungle cat. Now she’s learned it’s true – there’s nothing attractive about old pussy.

  41. Jackie

    Haha Rocky Dennis.

  42. Derek

    Whoa! Is she dating Chris Brown now?

  43. AG

    I think Amanda Bynes needs to stick to taking photos of her undies.

  44. She either needs to be shot with a boatload of Epinephrine or a shot in the face with a 12 gauge. If she has looked in a mirror lately, I doubt she cares which.

  45. Annie

    That’s the best I’ve seen Lindsay’s hair look since Mean Girls.

  46. Undercover

    No one told me the Zombie Apocalypse had already started in NYC! Prepare the army of goddesses and people with tiger blood!

  47. Kylanyx

    Man, Ke$ha needs some sunscreen.

  48. Like a G6

    It’s only chance would be to move to the Middle East and wear a burkah.

  49. justuhbill

    “Wait until they get a load of me!”

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