1. Colin

    I think he’s trying to breast-feed it some steroids.

  2. “Hey Snooki, look what fell out while you was dancin’!”

  3. Double D

    Man-teeting – because naturally produced douchiness is better for future guidos and guidettes than formula douchiness.

  4. Deacon Jones

    “Hey, …hey! Chill out girl…At least let me buy you a White Russian first”

  5. GTL
    That has got to stand for “Gayer Than Liberace”.

  6. Damn girl, we gotta get this baby on the GTD train…that’s gym, tan, diaper! Cuz this kid ain’t got no abs and he’s pasty white, and his diaper smells like Snookies bed sheets.

  7. I bet his comment after the pic was… “So you are telling me if I stick my penis in WOMAN that could happen? Bullet dodged!”.

  8. The Critical Crassness

    Hey Sit! That may be the youngest “beard” on record! Better call The Guiness people and get this in their book!

  9. Josephus

    Even the infant is like, “are you f—ing kidding me?”

  10. Storm

    GTL: Gym, Tan, Lactation.

  11. Jeremy Feist

    That baby later spoke its first words: “Please kill me.”

  12. Learn how to hold a baby you douche! It’s a human child…not a roofied Jersey skank.

  13. Samantha

    Someone please tell him you have to at least lift your shirt to breastfeed.

  14. ick-abod

    “nope, I don’t think it has a fever.”

  15. SuperT

    I believe we are seeing the first attempted suicide by an infant.

  16. “I smell a situation happening in this diaper.”

    Still funnier than the Trump roast, bitches.

  17. “Why, yes, I can put one of these up in you.”

  18. Lita

    Now you know it’s too much hair gel when you can’t even hold a kid without it slipping from your grip.

  19. KWDragon

    If the kid breastfeeds, it’ll taste like vinegar and water.

  20. Arzach

    That’s as good parenting as a baby bottle filled with bourbon

  21. What better fashion statement for a goombah douchebag than wearing a titanium rosary while holding a baby like it’s coated in oil and trying to rape a passing woman with your eyebrows.

  22. Uncle Caw-yin

    Mike “The Molestation” Sorrentino

  23. “Blanket” is screaming give me back to Micheal Jackson! This is child endangerment!

  24. Sharkbait

    “I’m so swole I bet I could breast feed your kid!”

  25. fooey

    Why did I just assume this baby belongs to that piggish Teen Mom?

  26. SHump

    That baby is going back to it’s mother bright orange and reeking of Drakkar Noir.

  27. Even the infant is like, “are you f—ing kidding me?”

  28. Wulf

    With a mother that stupid, this child is doomed to educational failure and a life of menial supervised labor.

  29. Lady Luck

    why hasn’t anybody killed this dumbass yet

  30. Dan

    Well shit, I think I’m all out of baby teeth whitening gel because you just know that shit is going to leave a stain.

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