1. You can fit a lot of liver treats in one of those pockets.

  2. El Jefe

    There has to be enough money left over from The Fly to get her hair done.

  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Yay! America’s finally discovered Dustin the Turkey

  4. Joe

    Think different. Dress idiot.

  5. “Ignore them dear and have some more Skittles.”

  6. The Brown Streak

    “I can’t believe you let Ralphie’s mother dress you.”

  7. Cock Dr

    Was it that cold up there this weekend? They look ready for the tundra.

  8. hhh

    These dog outfits are getting ridiculous.

  9. I’m still shocked that the thumbnail didn’t produce Woody Allen.

  10. Girlfriend? Can you imagine the long winded and pause riddled commentary one must endure if Jeff don’t like the pancakes you made? Poor woman…

  11. Mwaddams

    It looks like he’s been wife shopping from the Helena Bonham Carter collection.

  12. onos

    Nobody move a muscle

  13. tlmck

    “The home is this way grandpa”.

  14. journalschism

    “Jeff, it’s enough when you do the whole ‘nerdy-schtizo-lovable-asshole-quirky-I just had a revelation that will change the whole movie’ thing when you climax. You don’t have to do it on the street.”

  15. DusktillDawn

    She looks as if she won the first price in the category “Poodle” in last weekend’s Beverly Hills Dog Show. And quite rightly so.

  16. mbcl

    ” you’re right, my ear hair does need trimming”

  17. jamie

    Hey it’s the fly, buzzzzzzzzz

  18. George P Burdell

    O, shit. A camera.

  19. EricLr

    She does realize she’s dating Jeff Goldblum, right?

  20. God is Black

    ” I like that Jacket ! ” Seriously you can fit 2 MREs in each pocket.

  21. Steelerchick

    Nice lid Lou.

  22. Double-J

    “WHY won’t you give me your extra fur?”
    “We’re not going to talk about this anymore.”

  23. Sequel to Being John Malkovich?

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