1. jorge

    what a creepy fucking picture…but i can’t stop looking

  2. Tiggles

    Red is the new black in zombie fashion this year.

  3. adamcagey

    Are we sure these aren’t wax statues of Lauren Foster and Herndon Graddick

  4. CK

    you can tell he’s not really into the pic, or he’d have his hand firmly grasping her hip.

  5. Cock Dr

    There’s that Satan.
    So many guises, so many celebrities, so little time.

  6. That blow up doll has lost quite a bit of air.

  7. contusion

    Man (left) and woman (right) at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York City.

  8. kaschuh

    a husband and wife dressing up as wax statues of each other for Halloween… genius…

  9. Have we finally been invaded by body snatchers?

  10. She’s still prettier than Donatella Versace, I’ll give her that.

  11. Meeps!

    That’s a man, baby! — No, seriously. That’s a man. Look it up…

  12. Inner Retard

    My first reaction was… eeeesh. I don’t remember anything after that.

  13. I gotta say, when David Bowie comes up with one of his new personas, he really commits to it.

  14. The Pope

    Do all lesbians have the last name Foster, or is it just some sort of code?

  15. Unfortunately, nobody looked ‘Glad’ to be at the ‘GLADD’ Awards.

  16. I see that the extras from The Walking Dead are getting some credit finally

  17. WHAT.THE.HELL? Thats it…I’ve seen too many freaky photos on the Super for one day.

  18. Minky Wail

    Poor fat Peter North. Reduced to doing tranny porn.

  19. Jentilly

    Anyone else remember that mannequin movie from the 80′s?

  20. What is the fuck is that?

  21. *What in the fuck is that?

  22. Skippy86

    Holy shhhiiiiiiittttttt.

  23. The man is wearing more makeup than the uh..ladayyyy. That’s saying something. Wow. They look fabulousss.

  24. Nick4ca

    Is “Near Death” still in fashion?

  25. Oh look! It’s those two people from whatchama call it…you know, that couple from…ummmm…oh shoot, the uhhhh… Just who in the fuck are these people?

  26. jesus, this is terrifying.

  27. John Travolta

    Hey…it’s the Vice President and that blonde Cylon chick from Battlestar Galactica.

  28. chicka

    did Madame Tussaud open a new wing?

  29. Haha that guy’s name is Lauren

  30. Skeeter

    They should’ve picked that dude on the left to play Satan in “The Bible”.

  31. Meh

    They have nothing to be glaad about presumably.

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