1. B&WMinstrel

    “If you want to earn your Madge badge you’re going to need a Tenderfoot and a bottle of lube.”

  2. What in god’s green fuck?

  3. adamcagey

    Are we sure these aren’t wax statues of Lauren Foster and Herndon Graddick?

  4. contusion

    The only Scout that scares me more is a Willis.

  5. mike

    I never thought I would look back on being molested by my scoutmaster as having dodged a bullet, but here it is.

  6. lawn

    Here’s a tip: don’t buy any cookies from this one.

  7. anonymous

    I know Madonna likes her guys young but damn….

  8. Shemp

    “Vitameatavegamin…it’s so TASTY too!”

  9. tlmck

    See. There are gay dudes in the scouts already.

  10. I bet her pinewood derby car is just a dildo with wheels glued on.

  11. bitch is getting long in the tooth..

  12. wheres her whip?

  13. Inner Retard

    - Madonna, you do understand you embody 90% of what the Boyscouts do NOT believe in?
    - They hate Hydrangeas too?

  14. Madonna finally accepts what most us us already know: Her music is gay.

  15. tidbit

    Look at me!!! I’m making a statement with my choice in outfit!

  16. Somewhere back stage a cub scout is wearing spanx and a cone bra.

  17. I know why she did this, but all I could think of was Madonna as a den mother, poor Rocco.

  18. Skippy86

    Ok will let the gays in but but no way is she getting in……deal?

  19. early alzhiemers. has to be the only explanation for this nonsense.

  20. I am so tired of this whore.

  21. Oh come on, scouts! You’ll let Madonna be around the kids, but not gays?

  22. cc

    Hear I am to announce our new slogan ‘Buy these cookies, handmade by ‘my personal cause du jour’.’

  23. Later


  24. Geriatric Little Debbie.

  25. *&^#$!

    those are random patches put on in a random placing. She has no clue.

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