1. dontkillthemessenger

    Nice ass on the old timer.

  2. lawn

    She’s a figure skater. Just give her the trophy now and save everybody a lot of trouble.

  3. Here’s hoping Dorothy Hamill becomes TCWM’s new “fiftysomething woman I wanna boink” icon. Sorry, Christie Brinkley, but you had a good run.

  4. Ring ring…80′s boner calling.

    • Eighties? She won her gold medal in 1976. She’s still an absolute doll. Great ass and beautiful legs. And check this out…this lady is 56 years old! Damn…

  5. Jeez, Dorothy. I had your hairdo when I was a little kid. You look exactly the same. With the same hair. She’s a demon. A hot hot demon.

  6. If that’s what “practice” looks like, sigh me up!

  7. “Quick Jamal, while I have her restrained, take these ugly-ass shoes!”

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