1. B&WMinstrel

    They’re widescreen girls in a 4:3 world

  2. Blofish

    Girl on the left just smelled a Rumor

  3. The three stages of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Before, After and During.

  4. contusion

    Nelson is not aging well.

  5. mike

    You remember Sid Meier’s Pirates, where you could go for the sure thing and marry an ugly chick early or try to hold out for, like, Salma Hayek later in the game? This is like that, only with celebrity sister 3-ways.

  6. The Pope

    Rumer finally figured out that the trick isn’t to look good, it’s to look good by comparison.

  7. S. Hemp Melipone

    Gentlemen, DNA re-sequencing is complete. On the left you will note our Kelly Lynch / Demi Moore / Robert Z’Dar (tm reg us pat off) Chimera-Homunculus. On the right…er um well, back to the drawing board, as they say. SCIENCE!!!

  8. mavis davis

    I’m sure they have great personalities.

  9. Just good friends…until the beer kicks in.

  10. This is the worst re-creation of Data and Tasha Yar’s hook-up that I’ve ever seen.

  11. ThisWillHurt

    “Doesn’t that chick kinda look like a dud?”
    “That’s a mirror.”
    “Shut up, you’re drunk!”

  12. Sven Golly

    Rumer finally figured out the secret of looking good.

  13. Sex, drugs and rockNroll.
    Well, two out of three aint bad

  14. looks like theyre remaking that tom hank tv show- bosom buddies.

  15. Rick

    Guess which one is the guy! Wait, they’re *both* girls??

  16. Alex, I’ll take “Sisters I would never do in a Threesome” for 200, please.

  17. The DSM IV personified.

  18. Jesus Christ, I have never seen jaws like these chicks have. What the hell kind of DNA does Bruce Willis have?

  19. Skippy86

    Yeah I would drink too.

  20. Nemo Noman

    Is this like one of those “Steve Bucemi Eyes” pictures where some dude’s face has been photoshopped on to a woman’s body?

  21. cc

    Rumer farts cannabis smoke.

  22. Aghhh!!

    who are these dudes again?

  23. No wonder he gave them dog names.

  24. Lou Braccant

    I could swear that was Hanson in the thumbnail!

  25. Demi, try again before it’s too late!

  26. cc

    Scout Willis is the girl who barfs in the punch bowl.

  27. Bouncy Castle

    They fell out of the Ugly Tree, and hit every branch on the way down.

  28. your mom

    Bruce & Demi’s marriage must have been an evil union, blessed by the wrongest of gods.

  29. Chin up, girls! Chin — oh, fuck it.

  30. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Rumer’s eyes look hyper-real. Like she has her eyelids closed, and had fake ones painted on.

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