1. B&WMinstrel

    I loved his Water Lilies

  2. Amazed

    Is that a shirt or a tent ?

  3. contusion

    Isn’t Malibu more Busey’s territory?

  4. Dont laugh. You save alot of money using an imaginary cell phone.

  5. Uhmmm He knows Dick Tracy is fiction right? Right?

  6. Dick Hell

    The only thing that would make this an even nicer day at the park would be if Nick and Brigitte Nielsen made a love connection…

  7. remember when walt whitman walked off with a starbucks latte without paying for it?

  8. “It’s the Gortons homeless man.”

  9. “Welcome….to Jurassic Park!”

  10. The Gorton’s Fisherman on vacation.

  11. cc

    You know you are fucked up when you touch your face and are baffled by 3 weeks of facial hair.

  12. “Excuse Mr. Nolte! Question?”
    “Sure, ask away.”
    “Who are you wearing today Mr. Nolte?”
    “Thanks Mr.Nolte!”

  13. mike

    Only you can prevent forest fires!

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