1. mike

    I thought this was some douche from Breitbart trying to pull a hidden-cam gotcha on Ashley Judd.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Wanna see what you look like in the shower? I’m sorry, how rude of me: Hello, my name’s Jonah.”

  3. “No, seriously…Then here I am in ‘The Watch,’ and here I am in ‘The Sitter…’ Have you seriously seen NONE of these movies?”

  4. He’s a VERY bad bitch, actually.

  5. Yea, that’s totally me there on the boat with DiCaprio!

  6. “See, even Wikipedia says I am a giant douchebag.”

  7. I’m a Superbad bitch, actually. No, really,I am, see?

  8. Nick4ca

    Nice shoes Jonah!

  9. …And this is my IMDB page, but don’t go to the comments. Never go to the comments.

  10. “See, I told you every site is six links from porn.”
    “Fascinating! Can you let me by? I have to stop my son from playing pocket pool with that homeless guy!”

  11. Once Dinklage finishes calming that baby he’s going to defeat Bowser Jr, receive a power-up from Daisy and drop down the green pipe to the next level.

  12. Little Tongue

    “See? That’s the picture of the placenta that came out of that woman who gave birth in the park. I got loads of shit for taking it, but wasn’t it worth it?”

  13. “See?! I told you even the smallest can look huge if you find just the right lighting and angle!”

  14. mike

    “Siri if you could talk to a street bum, what would you say!?”

    “Jonah, I would tell them to get a job and tell you to keep a tight grip on your Iphone and wallet!”

    “see poor person, Siri don’t lie!”

  15. “No really I was totally skinny for like a month, check it out!”

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