1. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m sure their kid is going to be normal. Dad looks like a douche and Mom is chewing up dinner.

  2. emma watson's vagina

    I always wanted to see if Penny and Sheldon Cooper(a bearded) as a couple

  3. Inner Retard

    I do not recommend watching Aerosmith’s Amazing video within five hours of seeing this picture.

  4. Don Draper's Dad

    “Bear Blu! Dinner’s ready!”

    “Jesus, mom, I have friends over”

    “Hey I didn’t chew this all so I could swallow it!”

  5. Her mouth is open, who the hell is she feeding now?

  6. coyote

    Dude is so Pussy Whined; I bet her carries his own balls in that purse; that is if he ever had any


  8. Look at that bitch-made asshole.

  9. alex

    Cher is losing her shit.

  10. Dexter


  11. claire

    God these two belong in Boulder, Colorado–I should know, I live in Boulder.

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