1. contusion

    Pickle joke.

  2. Inner Retard

    Based on the door even her car’s got wood.

  3. She’s got it going on…that fanny is sweet.

  4. Is she really as dumb as she came across on American Idol?

  5. She puts the ‘brick’ in ‘shithouse’.

  6. bEaowrrr

    I’d pickler.

  7. She’s damn sexy, but dumb as a brick. In other words, perfect.

  8. alex

    After years of marriage, an old deli owner tells his wife he wants to do something they’ve never done sexually. But he;s nervous and has a hard time telling his wife of 45 years. Eventually he builds up the courage and explains that he wants to put his cock in the pickle slicer. She says, you’re nuts! Why on earth would you want to do that….but far be it for me to tell you what you can and can’t do if its your dream.” (Of course the wife didn’t know he was talking about Amy, their new pickle slicer….)

  9. mike

    Each passing days, I am growing more accustomed to her backside. If I met her in-person, I would ask her to turn around so I can have a pleasant conversation.

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