1. Go rapidly back and forth between this picture and the previous one.

  2. contusion

    And cue the “spit or swallow” jokes in 3..2..1.

  3. j/k

    “Does Madonna kiss like a man too?”
    -Holds back laughter

  4. The gay snow imp.

  5. Udo Keir looks like shit

  6. Jentilly

    Trying to contain his glee over the news of Ryan Seacrest’s breakup

  7. He kissed a material girl..I bet he didn’t like it.

  8. “…And then that…WOman kissed me right square on my mouth. And I had just given my partner, Ben, an afternoon rim job. All in all I thought it wasn’t too bad…but she said Mmmm-Hmmmm…Yummy…

  9. Entering Kathy Griffin’s vagina, is pretty gay, now that I think of it.

  10. I hope Joss Whedon is paying attention in case he needs someone to play old Steve Rogers.

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