1. Vinnie

    Give that thing a one piece!

  2. alligators have got weird tits.

  3. maru

    What the actual fuck is wrong with her body?

  4. breetai3

    She looks like she ate a cast iron griddle.

  5. TooCoo

    Short-stack abs are the new six-pack.

  6. emma watson's vagina

    I will never make fun of Tara Reid again

  7. mike

    silly girl, crossfit is for boys

  8. The Pope

    I guess having a garage door installed on your chest would make it easier to get new implants more often.

  9. Thom

    Steven Tyler looks even dumber with bolt ons.

  10. WHAT.THE.HELL? I’m serious…what is happening!?? Is this one of the signs of the apocalypse?

  11. I love a woman with a washboard… ventral surface.

  12. DanDanDans

    Never thought I’d see Iggy Pop in a two-piece.

  13. When I say, “line backer” I mean it in more than one way.

  14. She’s got the teenage mutant ninja turtles body going on.

  15. Killer Croc has a girlfriend now?

  16. Okay, does her uterus go up to her throat? Cuz I’m counting 11 C-Section scars.

    She looks like the underside of an armadillo.

  17. It’s like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I used to draw as a kid.

  18. This is what Stephen King has been warning us about, guys. Swerve around those Gypsy women in crosswalks.

  19. amir

    I don’t care what you say, that was not born a woman.

  20. cookie

    what a disgusting body…give me kate upton anyday over this

  21. Don Draper's Dad

    Don’t release those pet turtle into the wild, kids!

  22. Wait…This isn’t Maria Shriver?

  23. There comes a time when you need to stop wearing bikinis Kelly and that time has come.

  24. I’m guessing she was lying on her stomach on a slatted lounge chair, but that only explains a small part of what is wrong with this photo.

  25. Skippy86

    Proof of what those alien abductions are all about.

  26. Ibepiglet

    Anyone knows you should iron any item that has been stored folded.

  27. She looks like she has a serrated thorax.

  28. Kelly Reptillian.

  29. dr.jimmy

    It’s called Langer’s lines and everybody has them but they’re practically invisible or barely visible on young skin. They became evident on a skin that’s been aged, stretched, dry or overtan.

  30. cc

    A bit like a lemur with alopecia.

  31. stevebrt

    Kelly Bensimon formerly known as Arnold Scwharzenegger before her gender reassignment surgery

  32. your mom

    Is that an extra labia?? On her thigh??

  33. Fell asleep face down on a lawn chair.

  34. God molded her with silly putty.

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