1. Amazed

    Is that a shirt or a tent ?

  2. Amazed

    Wrong pic…

  3. Amazed

    Shit, wrong pic…

  4. The Pope

    Evidently, once you’re used to having a dog pee on you, then you can work your way up to a D list rapper.

  5. “Two sexual perversions in one photo!? I LIKE IT. Lets lead with it on page one. Nice work, Peter Parker!”

  6. ThisWillHurt

    I can’t believe Kris found Kendall the only dog who’s a millionaire rapper in Beverly Hills.

  7. Who took this picture? The Hubble space telescope?

  8. Cyprus

    Nice pool, I really like the Greek key design.

  9. The only Kardashian I would bang. She is hot as hell.

  10. She’s a Kardashian. Not interested.

  11. “That’s odd, I can still smell that chili.”

  12. cc

    She’s getting practice in on taking ‘selfies’. Her mom told it will be an invaluable skill later in life.

  13. The last picture of this beautiful puppy…before she ate him in a bulimic frenzy.

  14. !&#%$@

    last pic dog’s all like ‘help? please? someone?”

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