1. Inner Retard

    Somewhere Jennifer Garner just went “Oh, Crap!” and punched Ben Affleck in the face just to be sure.

  2. mike


  3. MJS

    Can you imagine what a bitch she must be to get fed up with that?

  4. dudeky

    tired of this whore.

  5. Desi

    This is actually NOT Blake Lively but my friend Kelsey Crane who lives in LA. You can look her up on Facebook and you will sure enough see that she is not Ms. Lively!

    Check your sources, Photo Boy!!!

  6. I’m tired of Kelsey Crane too. Whore.

  7. Is it odd that Blake Lively would post a picture of this Kelsey person, as if to say, “I’m so much better than this…”?

  8. Nothing special.

  9. JOSHwaar

    blake doesnt have twitter!

  10. cc

    At first I thought it might be the Gretzky chick, but then I realized ‘not enough crotch’.

  11. Morphing into Naomi Watts

  12. Josephus

    Did we ever find out who this really is? I need to know who to cross off my masturb–curiosity. I need to know because of my curiosity.

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