1. Those sunglasses really don’t suit Mickey Rourke.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Antonio looks like he just bought Melanie a one way ticket on Malaysian Airlines.

  3. The gentleman behind her is torn between the horror and his own curiosity

  4. bob

    I heard they have an open relationship; they both fuck other guys.

  5. ultra

    it’s the monarch, from venture brothers. i’d know him anywhere.

  6. Those glasses are not complimenting the shape her face is currently in.

  7. Mr. Sensitive

    So‚Ķass to mouth every night, or what? She must be doing something, since she’s among the least attractive women he could be with.

  8. fred

    You know how every guy always scans the room for hot chicks? Well, Antonio is constantly scanning the room for sharp objects to impale his wife with while making it all look like one big accident.

  9. “I don’t always take escalators, but when I do, I prefer photo-bombing former celebrities.”

  10. Jade

    Those sunglasses go great with her mangled face.

  11. crb

    NO, NOO!…

    -TOO SEXY!

  12. …i seriously thought this was that cat-faced bitch.

  13. Melanie Griffith…Wow! I’ve loved her ever since she was in the Little Rascals.

  14. Ronaldo

    I feel sorry for Banderas. Damn, Griffith hit the wall at the speed of light.

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