1. Robb

    It can’t be reasoned with…it can’t be bargained with! It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or pain, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop…

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    I’d fuck her, except I don’t want to have to deal with six babies nine months later.

  3. I’d plow her in the butt.

  4. Somehow you just know nobody is ever excited to see her arrive, or sorry to see her leave.

  5. She is a constant bitch.

  6. Jon Gosselin's ATV

    She’s hotter than Lindsay Lohan and she’s had more stuff come OUT of her than INTO her.

  7. fred

    “I’m taking my dignity and leaving. My dignity and this purse. Then I’m leaving.”

  8. When you can see your ass hanging below your crotch from the front, it’s time to ditch the leggings.

    P.S. Crotch is a funny word.

  9. I wouldn’t ask Wyomissing if you would just stay gone.

  10. crb

    Celebrity Deathmatch wish: Chelsea Handler vs. Kate Gosselin.

  11. She looks doable. Best I’ve ever seen her look.

  12. G*d Dammit I looked at that and liked what I saw………..I must now punch myself in the face, TWICE!

  13. Kate Rocks

    Kate is so beautiful. She has such a beautiful face and a smoking hot body!!!! Kate always look so cool, sexy and stylish. I really hope Kate gets a new show. Rock on Kate!!!! You are a GODDESS!!!!

  14. WOW!!!!! Kate is super sexy!! She looks AMAZING. Kate has such an awesome sense of style. Kate rocks the leggings-uggs combo. She has such a sexy body. She must work out around the clock. It’s hard to believe she has had children.

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