1. Four tickets, please. Two adults, one ass, and one ego.

  2. Ralph

    He doesn’t have much of an ass (other than being one). Maybe this relationship makes sense on an ass level.

  3. meeps!

    She’s smuggling a couple hams into the movie…

  4. Cock Dr

    Size & color of a stop sign; shape is a bit off.
    Not only will it stop traffic it would so total your car if you had the misfortune to hit her on some dark unlit roadway.

  5. She’s so disgusting.

  6. B. Bunny

    I suspect the Acme Corporation has something to do with this.

  7. HEY KOOL-AID!!!!

  8. Keeping with the rape theme for today, Kim’s ass is virtually unrapeable…unless its the hammaconda.

  9. Swearin

    “Now Hiring”…is she applying for an actual job?

  10. lawn

    It doesn’t seem possible, but I think that ass is getting bigger.

  11. “How much you think they pays?”

  12. Mama Pinkus

    she really does look like she’s sporting some extra-padded Depends

  13. “Oh no, Kayne. No butter for me. It’ll go straight to MY ASS! “

  14. “Three seats, please.”

  15. “Look baby, they’re hiring. I’ll take an application for teller and Kim will take an application for food counter.”

  16. Teller: “I’m sorry sir. There is no movie playing here called ‘Black man and Bubble Butt’”.

  17. Teller: “We have ‘Gravity’ at 1pm, ‘Nebraska’ at 1:15pm…”
    Kanye: *reaches through window, grabs mic* “I’m gonna let you finish, I’m gonna let you finish! But ‘Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club’ is the greatest movie of all time!!”

  18. Teller: “I’m sorry, M’am. But your sisters movie ‘Star Wars’ doesn’t release until next year.”

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