1. Toe Jam

    His waist line is going where no man has gone before.

  2. Inner Retard

    Then I told him: Screw you, Leonard! You may take my Star Trek but you will never take my DONUT!

  3. “So I suggest that I give Uhura the ‘shocker’ just like this, and fucking Gene says ‘Let’s just go with the first interracial kiss, okay Bill?’ and I called him a pussy!”

  4. Geez, if he did that fight scene with the Gorn in the shape he is in today, it would be totally lame.

  5. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Comic Con Australia: where fat, washed-up TV stars go to die.

  6. “Set chicken to, fried!”

  7. tlmck

    Back in the old days we used to have to do our old sound effects. This is a Phaser.

  8. Don’t care. Legend.

  9. Throb the Wonder Mule

    He gives “0″ fucks to what anyone thinks.

    He’s motherfuckin’ Captain Kirk ! !

  10. “Could somebody please come up on the stage and tie my shoe ?”

  11. Evilgeniusnz

    “…and so George Takei taught me to hold it by the base like this with your pinky finger pointing out, and then wrap you lips around it like so…”

  12. William:Who wants to hear me read a couple of passages from my book Tek War?
    Audience: NOOOOOO!!

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