1. You’d think MacGyver could figure out a way to make some scissors.

  2. holy shit…that’s MacGyver?

  3. That crafty MacGyver…using only an iPhone, a polo shirt, and some cargo shorts, he turned himself into a cartoon of an old white guy.

  4. I think he took one too many trips through the Stargate.

  5. Who is this old lesbian and what has she done with MacGyver?

  6. Oliver from The Brady Bunch

  7. I was able to fabricate this smart phone… using only a pizza box, a donut carton, and a beer keg.

  8. He made that phone from a used Q-tip, some gum that stuck under his shoe and the lint from his pants pocket.

  9. Jade

    I am embarrassed to think about that poster I had on my wall of him when I was younger.

  10. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Looks like he fixed himself one too many meals.

  11. tlmck

    Apparently he could not MacGyver himself out of the all you can eat buffet.

  12. Bullshit, no way that is MacGyver.

  13. He’s 63 years old. As long as he keeps waking up on the right side of the grass, he’s got it licked!

  14. We’re gonna need a bigger Stargate.

  15. Evilgeniusnz

    This is NOT how i remember Macgyver…. This looks like he ate Macgyver….more than once.

  16. s45qu4tch

    Sally Struthers. That’s actually Sally Struthers. Right? Please tell me that’s Sally.

  17. Paul

    Looks like he couldn’t MacGyver his way out of old age.

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