1. Did she just walk into a fart?

  2. MIRV

    A lot of short people do this, they stand up so straight that they actually bend backwards (reducing their overall “height” and limiting the illusion).

  3. Did she just spot Jon Hamm around the corner?

  4. She’s looking out for Tom Cruise. You don’t steal Xenu’s shoes and not get a little antsy!

  5. She’d be fun to fuck savagely, then just throw her away.
    On the other hand, she might say something cute, then I’d feel guilty just dumping her. So I would buy her an ice cream, THEN throw her away.

  6. tlmck

    That wall behind her is only 3 feet tall.

  7. What gives? Hitchcock silhouette?

  8. PROOF: Wladmir Klit-whatever actually bends her while fucking

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