1. Jade

    Sugar cubes!

  2. “Are they horseshoes? That’s hilarious, I definitely haven’t heard that one a million times already today.”

  3. JimBB

    Why yes, I do love apples!

  4. “Is that a sugar cube in your pants are are you just glad to see me?”

  5. Ralph


  6. Launching her shoe line…sounds like that could be a game, possibly popular at summer BBQ events.

  7. Slappy Magoo

    Is someone jangling their car keys above the cameraman’s head?
    (Hey, someone had to make a non-horseface joke. You’re welcome.)

  8. Not pictured, a blacksmith.

  9. Wi-l-l-l-bu-r-r-r! Is that you?

  10. jep

    She must see an imaginary carrot dangling in front of her.

  11. We need to send the gold on the cattle trail , Hook Sarah up to the wagon as the lead horse.

  12. Happy as a Shetland in the Edelweiss.

  13. I didn’t know Nordstrom’s carried horseshoes.

  14. crb

    If any of those Nordstroms are in malls, she’s gonna face some tough competition from Fetlocker.

  15. Excuse me, these shoes won’t stay on my feet.

    Sorry, ma’am, that’s because we haven’t nailed them yet.

  16. david(guest)

    not even with your dick…

  17. “Owwie…my right hoof is hurting me. I may go lame…”

  18. For once this is a celebrity endorsement that makes sense. Now, men can avoid any potential Sex and the City marathons by paying attention to the gait and distinctive clomp of potential mates.

  19. C’mon guys. Quit it with the horse jokes. It’s apparent that she is just reaching for the off camera carrot.

  20. glam

    The horse is strokin out!

  21. Andie

    Say what you want but I’ll bet she designs fantastic shoes.

  22. Private Bendjammin

    Not pictured: her husband. As he is wont to be, apparently.

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