1. Bonky

    I hate when people point at each other in photos.

  2. Who’s successfully managed to avoid the sex offender registry for years? THIS GUY!

  3. These shots feel like the photographic equivalent of the blood samples in Dexter’s AC vent.

  4. “RJ, just tell us who it was that drugged and raped you”
    (in unison) “THIS guy!”

  5. Who’s got two thumbs and has likely date raped dozens of models and actresses? This guy!

  6. 1) So what, he killed Uncle Hank! Get over it!!!
    2) Now I know who’s tattoo’d on Steve-O’s back.

  7. Slappy Magoo

    The opposable thumbs are evidence he evolved from a lower form of sexual predator.

  8. Why the fuck does we have to look at this pedo?

  9. Terry: “This is great! Usually I have to give up some coke or crack…this kid let me shoot a whole afternoon for two pancakes and a piece of bacon!”

  10. One in the stink and another in the stink.

  11. average joe

    Don’t know him personally [so he may be a nice guy] but pictures of Terry make my skin crawl.

  12. alaskowski

    Does this mean RJ Mitte will take off his clothes for coke?

  13. ‘Look, Ma! A rapist!’

  14. i just realized where I know RJ Mitte from, i didn’t recognize him not eating breakfast.

  15. Where’s a crazy kid and an unlocked gun when we need one?

  16. Worst ‘smell my finger’ joke EVER

  17. “He’s giving me Miley’s number…”
    “…after I take some tasteless nudes!”

  18. “He’s the one who knocks!”

  19. Facts_

    Why does Terry Richardson get so much grief for sexually assaulting minors?

    Didn’t the President’s brother Samson Obama do the exact same thing to a thirteen year old girl in Berkshire, England recently?

    • Samson is Obama’s half-brother (they share the same father, but were raised in different families and countries.)
      This incident was four years ago.
      If you had a relative who was disgusting, whom you barely knew, should I hold you personally accountable for his actions?
      ANYONE who sexually assaults another person should do time. I have no idea what you’re trying to communicate with your post (sexual offenders are no big deal?) but for some people, every day is Take-A-Cheap-Shot-at-the-Commander-in-Chief Day, I guess.

  20. Did he jerk off on him too while he walked around the studio with crutches.

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