1. “…and left their former owners cut into pieces.”

    I think PETA should get people like Danny Trejo to make their next set of adverts, with the tagline “You abuse animals, we’ll abuse you”. I can see that working much better than their “oh, if I keep eating meat, hot actresses will keep posing nude” campaign.

  2. Francis

    Manchete doesn’t kill puppies!!

  3. FT86

    Now THIS post I like!

  4. Is the brown one a Shar Pei?

  5. He’s even scarier when he smiles.

  6. Shemp

    A little known fact: Best Friends Animal Society started out as the Process Church of the Final Judgment in 1960s, with alledged connections to Charles Manson, Satanism & etc. Very “True Detective” stuff…

  7. Really nothing bad to say about this post, onward bound.

  8. Even when he’s smiling he looks like he’s about to kill a man.

  9. I saved my best friends, too. I didn’t send them a link to this picture.

  10. Swearin

    Sometimes a pimp just needs to show off his bitches

  11. Codot

    I’m not saying a single bad thing about this. I’m a fan on living.

  12. Danny fucking Trejo has a fucking bichon with a fucking bow in its fucking hair. Fucking god–fucking–dammit, Hollywood. Fuck.

  13. Facts

    Why is every free dog on Craigslist a Pit Bull?

    Don’t the owners know some pig farmer is just taking them to feed to the hogs?

  14. Shit I’m tripping out. Cash’s grind is identical to Danny Trejo’s. People who look like their dogs is true!

  15. Just_As_it_IS

    Yeah, nice ad and all, but which one is Trejo again?

  16. Ali

    I’ve always been a fan of Danny’s, but, now I’m just floored at how awesome he is. I love his joyous, genuine smile and the fact that he’s a BAMF with a heart of gold. I just love the guy this picture proves he’s an angel.

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