1. Wow, her stalkers are *really* bold.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    A dog pissed on the floor.
    We couldn’t find a mop.
    Can you sign this please?

  3. Damn Adam Sandler you stalking weirdo!

  4. Sorry Olivia you set the bar with the last nipple pics so no nipples no dice

  5. Isn’t that the guy who just married Stacy Kiebler?

  6. JimBB

    Looks like an experienced personal assistant is about to be available for hire, Lindsay.

  7. I would not mind banging her, but who the hell actually wants an Olivia Munn autographed photo? There is an actual demand for that?

  8. crb

    Leaving her headshots out just anywhere, this ho is getting really desperate.

    Even Abercrombie Steve is trying to give them back.

  9. Its kind of sad when she needs a literal example of where she is at in Hollywood.

  10. “I took this one chasing you down at the beach , this one was taken while you disrobed with a high power lens from behind the bushes of your apartment and these I took while I was in your home watching you sleep. “

  11. anonymous

    Nothing like asking a “celebrity” to sign pics of themselves that you pick up off a dirty floor.

  12. Look closely at the photos he has dropped. If that doesn’t say delusional stalker I don’t know what does.

  13. Lou Braccant

    Hold on a sec, let me find one without cum on it

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