1. All you need to know about her,,,in 1 picture!

  2. ultra

    over here, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll see the sucker-mouth exhibit at the star trek experience. as you can see, it’s stunningly lifelike.

  3. “I most certainly did give him this bitch face but he still injected that smack so whattya do?”

  4. Walter Peck

    Dis how OD’d Corey look.


  6. “Lea! Do your Paz De La Huerta impression!”

  7. Little Tongue

    I can lift my upper lip all the way up to my nose. And what’s YOUR TALENT?

  8. “And I said, ‘No way, Mom! I’m really Steven Tyler’s daughter?’”

  9. Remember the creepy salt creature from Star Trek?

    Yeah …

  10. Jesus Christ, how big is that forehead that she is always hiding with those huge bangs?

  11. Bonky

    Maybe if you put “I’m still sad because my boyfriend is still dead”
    on the marquee, someone would have showed up for this thing.

  12. i WANT a FUCKING Caramel Machioto NOW, or someone is going to have an ‘accident’ and be found tomorrow in a hotel room! Comprende Consuela??!

  13. Wow, look at that huge crowd.

  14. What does the sign say? Huh? DO NOT TEASE THE PREDATOR!

  15. “TODD! Quit being such a spazzzzzzz, Pizza face!

  16. Those lips could suck a rind off a pineapple. Watch out, Lea, Kidman’s got to be lurking by with a pair sewing scissors…

  17. “Sign it…? Fuck off. I can’t even see it.”

  18. Wow, Jim Carrey can still do good impressions.

  19. Facts_

    “This is how I held Corey’s IV bag when he used to mainline heroin…. I was the best girlfriend ever for not ever mentioning his drug usage!”

  20. “Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it.”

  21. donkeylicks

    And the cloaca blooms.

  22. wouldn't doubt it

    The face she makes as she dances on Corey’s grave.

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