1. Tiggles

    “They got me off the whiskey, but I’ll be damned if I’ll give up pooping on sidewalks. Damned!”

  2. animal

    Rehab for what? Being simian?

  3. 1985…People Magazine…Sexiest Man Alive.

  4. “This house belongs to a Jew? Let me just take a shit on his lawn then.”

  5. Jaded

    Gabby Johnson: I wash born here, an I wash raished here, and dad gum it, I am gonna die here, an no sidewindin’ bushwackin’, hornswagglin’ cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter.

  6. JimBB

    Still talking to his imaginary friend, Danny Glover.

  7. Where else would you put a rehab facility for anti-Semites but in the middle of Hollywood?

  8. Mista Snazzy

    “So, I’m really enjoying my time here at this illustrious Rehabilitation facility. Meeting such great folks and talking about our issues is truly making me heal much more. Perhaps I’ll call my old buddy Danny G (as in Danny Glover) and we can talk about making Lethal Weapon 5 – Old Farts with guns still on the beat. Well, anyway, I, uh wait a minute, wait a minute, WAIT A GOD-DAMN MIN, is that a Pack of N*ggers over there? Uh, IS IT DAMN IT. Hold it, I that a bunch OF JEWS as well?

    Oh DAMN IT, DAMN IT Straight to Helll!!!”

  9. Therapist: “So, tell me about your father.”
    Therapist: “Well, this is amazing progress for the week. Lets just call it a day”.

  10. It’s funny that the person responsible for him not having to pay alimony anymore is the world’s biggest Jew.

  11. He looks like like he spotted a Jew and is about to go hunt them for sport.

  12. Becoming sober isn’t going to redeem you from the fallout from your fucked up beliefs.

  13. MFer

    And he, a crap on the concrete.

  14. Wait, hold on, gotta call you back. I think I just spotted a Jew.

  15. Looks like he snuck out of Torah class at Beit T’Shuvah treatment center.

  16. Come on Mel, we already know you think like a Neanderthal, do you have to start walking like one too?

  17. “Here, Jew…heeere, Kike…Gawddammit, I know there’s one around here somewhere…”

  18. Insanity is one of those things that’s hard to describe, but you know when you see.

  19. “Oh my god!…Is that you sugar tits?”

  20. Damn, it’s not true! When you get old, you DO give a shit! Apparently, on the sidewalk…

  21. “They’re right, without these sunglasses Jews look like regular

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