1. “This is how I’d grip it for you.”
    “Sorry, no glasses.”

  2. Little Tongue

    - Cautionary tale-

    Get your hot wife to divorce you and this is what you’ll end up with: a middle aged penis pincher. Beware, now.

  3. Still an improvement over Miley

  4. Senor Trout

    Robin had a very particular taste to satisfy when looking for a rebound chick: a woman who looked like Peter Griffin when he got super buff in that one episode of Family Guy.

    Mission accomplished.

  5. OK now she was gross, she tried to squeeze you
    But you’re an asshole, sonny, it’s in your nature
    “Just let me lubricate you
    Hey, hey, hey – (she said)
    You don’t need no rubber
    Hey, hey, hey”- (she said)
    Blurred Lines! I know you’re a fattie. But I’m really Horny!

  6. Robin, Robin, wait right there and hold still. And catch my legs also. Oh, and hold my phone. But don’t drop it when you catch my legs. Okay, so anyway, check out my twerk.

  7. Why aren’t Bieber and Robin BFFs? Just think, they could use each other as role models.

  8. Mr. Sensitive

    “Well, he did say ‘anal until you can’t walk’, so…”

  9. Elisabetta Canalis doesn’t look so bad now, does she?

  10. “Oh excuse me lady, it didn’t mean to accidently poke you with my dick…You HEAR that Paula! It was an accident!”

  11. He dumped Paula Patton and ended up with this? Maybe his next hit should be entitled “Blurred Vision.”

  12. Facts_

    You know he ban6ed her.

    Guy just can’t help himself.

  13. donkeylicks


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