1. tlmck

    Competing with Jessica Simpson over who will steals headlines from the other.

  2. Sweet zombie jesus! I’ve seen Alien, I know what’s coming next.

  3. Well, if you believe old wives’ tales, she’s going to have a girl.

  4. arnieblackblack

    I didn’t know j-Lo was up the (Hilary) Duff

  5. Dink Lincoln

    The fifth trimester is always the hardest…

  6. Frank Burns

    Hey Hillary, this pregnancy thing is getting old, its been going on for months now!

  7. Nooken

    She’s so big, her baby must also be pregnant.

  8. Meat

    Not fond of the pants

  9. She looks like she’s wearing an uplift bra for her stomach.

  10. Cheetos

    Hilary Puff!!!

  11. Calve, already.

  12. The Brown Streak

    Excuse me, Hilary. How many cases of those girl scout cookies did you just eat?

  13. Her future holds major box damage. She’s gotta be looking forward to that.

  14. Lita

    I’m surprised nobody has pointed out her Flava Flav-esque necklace, especially a guy since it’s right on her boobs.

  15. cc

    When that kid is born he won’t even need a high chair.

  16. G.I. Jose

    Even if she brought two pizzas I wouldn’t.

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